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Student Life

Student Life

Student Council

St. Barnabas Student Council is an elected body working for children. Students in grades 4-8 have the opportunity to serve as a room representative, while the executive board members are elected from grades 6-8. Service projects range from collecting food for St. Vincent dePaul to raising funds to support our mission team in El Salvador. Seasonal spirit weeks, school-wide prayer alerts and planning of prayer service allows our Student Council to focus its energy on enhancing the atmosphere of our school community. St. Barnabas Student Council clearly embodies the motto of “children working for children.”

Executive Board Members:

  • Kenton Carrell
  • Shaun Domanick
  • Sydney Hazelton
  • Keaton O’Donnell
  • Gina Travaglianti

Extracurricular Activities

The students of St. Barnabas participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities to round out their school experience.

Altar Server: Grades 5-8

Students assist at both weekday and weekend Mass, helping the Priest to lead our Parish Community in worship. Scheduled training is scheduled in the fall, though interested students may contact the moderator to be trained at any time.

Band: Grades 4-8

In partnership with Music Alliance, band students receive a 25 minute lesson once a week during the school day from September thru May. Students are also required to attend band rehearsal after school from 2:40 until 3:15 pm once a week. Band rehearsal is after school on Monday (4th Grade), Tuesday (5th Grade) and Wednesday (6-8 Grades). Each student participates in a December and May band concert. Students are responsible for having their own instrument (which may include the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or percussion). Instruments may also be rented from a local music store. For more information visit

Bus Guards: Grades 7-8

Jr. High Students are selected to escort kindergarten students to their buses at the end of the day for the entire school year.

Moderator: Mr. Vicchiarelli

Chess Club: Grades 4-6

Students meet after school once a week for seven weeks during January and February. All students are welcome to come and work on improving their chess skills by playing and competing with others. The club also hosts an in-grade level tournament.

Moderator: Mrs. Welsh

Current Events Club: Grades 6-8

Students are selected to meet in small groups throughout the school day on a monthly basis and compete in a national competition by taking on-line current events tests.

Moderator: Ms. Darus

Drama Club: Grades 4-8

The school hosts a fall and spring play. If selected from preliminary try-outs to play a role. The students are expected to attend all practices after school.

Moderator: Ms. Darus

Geography Bee: Grades 4-8

Students are selected by teacher recommendation. Meetings are held after school in December and January and conclude with a school competition. Winner advances to compete in the national competition.

Moderator: Ms. Darus

Knitting Club: Grades 3-5

The St. Barnabas Knitting Niche meets after school from approximately the end of September until Thanksgiving. The club is open to girls and boys as well as Moms and Grandmothers who are open to sharing their knitting talents. Past projects have included hats for newborns and scarves. Children in grades 6-8 are welcome to be helpers.

Moderator: Mrs. Welsh

Mythology Club: Grades 5-8

Students meet after school from January thru March to discuss and learn various aspects of Greek mythology. The students compete nationally by taking a written mythology test.

Moderator: Ms. Darus

Pen vs. Paper: Grades 7-8

Students meet after school beginning 2nd Quarter and continuing thru May. All students choose a topic and create a writing piece. Students work closely with teachers and other students for feedback and support while refining and editing their writing. All finalized writing pieces are included in a printed collection of student works that is distributed at the end of the school year.

Moderator: Mr. Vicchiarelli

Safety Patrol: Grades 7-8

Students assist with placing and removing cones in parking lot before and after school hours in order to provide a safe environment for the pick-up and drop-off of students.

Moderator: Mr. Vicchiarelli

Science Olympiad Team: Grades 7-8

The National Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science education, increasing student interest in science and creating a technologically literate workforce. The program exposes students to the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

St. Barnabas established its first ever Science Olympiad Team in 2012 with the intention of building and extending our middle school students’ knowledge and interest in the numerous areas of science and technology. The team is open to interested 7th and 8th grade students, 6th grade students (by invitation of teacher moderators) and 9th grade alumni who will work together toward sending a team of 15 to compete in the regional Science Olympiad tournament.

Events students will prepare for include written exams, construction of devices, as well as several hands-on/application events. Our practice meetings will allow some time for research and design; however, all events will require some outside time for preparation. Team members must commit to weekly after school weekly from 3:00pm-4:15pm beginning in September through the regional tournament in the spring. Students may also need to meet outside of this time with a parent volunteer to prepare for team events as needed. Students will be required to have a binder with dividers for research, data, plans, notes etc. for the events they would like to compete in. A regular check of their updated work will be made each week.

Teacher moderators: Mrs. Farley, Mrs. Kozar, Mrs. Cohara

School Choirs: Grades K-8

Students may choose to be involved with the Cherub Choir, Youth Choir or School Mass Ensemble:

Cherub Choir (Grades K-3) This choir assists in worship during Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter seasons at church Masses. Please contact Bob Burian at 330-467-8136 for more information.

Youth Choir (Grades 4-8) This choir assists in worship at church Masses and in the community. Rehearsal is from 5:00-5:45 pm on Mondays in the music room.

School Mass Ensemble: Students, teachers and adult music ministers sing together and provide songs of praise and worship for select Friday 8:30 AM school Masses.

Moderators: Mrs. Bob Burian – Director of Music Ministry

School Yearbook: Grade 8

The yearbook committee meetings are primarily held at the beginning and end of the school year. The meetings take place during school recess and study halls (when possible). Any additional meetings (approximately 6 meetings at most) occur after school from 3PM-4PM during late March through early June. Committee members work with teacher moderators to take individual and group pictures, organize and select pictures for the yearbook, distribute yearbook order forms and announcements. The members also assist in organizing and delivering the yearbook during the fall.

Moderators: Mrs. Kozar, Mrs. Garey, Mrs. Vincent, and Mrs. Arnoldi

Ski Club: Grades 3-8

No experience is necessary. For a competitively priced package, students receive five sessions which include 4 hours of slope time with skiing lessons and equipment rental if needed. The lessons are provided by instructors from Brandywine Ski Resort. Ski Club meets at school on Tuesdays starting in January from 3:30 until 8 PM at the Brandywine Ski Resort in Peninsula. The ski club is open to all students and their families as well.

Moderators: Mrs. Sarosy and Mrs. Skelin

Spanish: Grades K-8

Spanish is taught after school for students in Grades K-8 for a nominal fee.

Moderator: Mrs. Silvia Sopko

Student Council: Grades 4-8

St. Barnabas Student Council is group of children working for children. Students in grades 4-8 have the opportunity to serve as a room representative, while the officers are elected for grades 6-8. Service projects range from collecting food for St. Vincent dePaul to raising funds to support our mission team in El Salvador. Seasonal spirit weeks, school-wide prayer alerts and planning of prayer services allows our Student Council to focus its energy on enhancing the atmosphere of our school community. St. Barnabas Student Council clearly embodies the motto of “children working for children.”

Moderator: Mrs. Skelin

Traveling Mary Program

Ms. Deb Stanzak, a former St. Barnabas parent, was inspired to bring the Mary Program to the children and families of St. Barnabas School. A parishioner gave Deb a Traveling Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima statue to have in the Stanzak home while going through her husband's final battle with cancer. Prayers to Mary brought miraculous blessings to the Stanzak home that Deb will be forever grateful. Wanting to pass on this devotion to Mary, she organized fundraising and led the effort to make this a reality. A couple years ago, twelve statues and rosaries, duplicates to the one shown above, were purchased from Grismer's Religious Gifts and Supplies in Northfield and were blessed at a special school liturgy. Wooden boxes for their safe transport were handcrafted by Ed Funk of Ed's Wood Crafts of Macedonia. In the fall of each new school year, the statues of Mary begin their 'travel' to the students' homes. The statues are carefully packed in their wooden boxes and the oldest child in the family is given the statue to take home for the week. A Rosary, a Rosary on CD and a booklet describing the Blessed Mother's appearance to the children of Fatima is included with the statue of Mary. The object of the traveling Virgin is to encourage families to pray together, especially the Rosary. The children are reminded that we do not pray to the statue, but that it is a representation of Our Blessed Mother's presence in our lives and in our homes which leads us to her Son, Jesus. It is hoped that a statue of Mary can be made available for every classroom, rather than one statue for each grade level. All costs for this project were undertaken by St. Barnabas parishioners and fundraising continues in hopes of making more statues of Mary available for 'travel' to students' homes. Deb's dream is to have a Traveling Mary Program in all Catholic schools in the diocese.