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TRIP Program

What is TRIP? A great way to receive cash back/school tuition credit, simply by using gift cards to do your everyday shopping!

You purchase gift cards through the TRIP program and redeem these gift cards when eating out and doing your regular shopping for groceries, gas, clothing, etc. TRIP has over 250 local and nationwide merchants to choose from. Each gift card contains a percentage rebate, indicated on the order form.

50% of the rebate is paid out to you (tuition credit, donation or check)

27.5% of the rebate is a the St. Barnabas Technology Fund Donation (tax deductible to you)

22.5% of the rebate is the program administration fee

With each gift card purchased, you build up credits in your TRIP account. Credits are paid out by St. Barnabas twice a year, to you directly or to a tuition account. To see a sample of what you can earn, check out the St. Barnabas TRIP Incentive Example

How do you get started? Complete the TRIP Registration Form and TRIP Order Form. Return both forms, along with your check, to the Parish Office by Tuesday morning.

Pick up your order at the Parish Office the following Tuesday afternoon. You will receive an envelope with your gift cards, a new order form, and a record of your TRIP credits earned. Trip credits earned will be applied to tuition, donated, or paid out in check directly to you, twice a year in December and May. The St. Barnabas Technology Fund donated credits will be included in your annual giving statement.

Place an order each week and watch your TRIP credits GROW!

For more information contact Deanna Butler: 330-467-7959 x147 or

Trip Files

TRIP Order Form - Fall 2014