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Regular attendance and punctuality are important in developing habits and attitudes of responsible behavior. After 7 absences, a letter will be sent home from the principal. After 12 absences, a conference will be necessary. Students absent for twenty or more days in one school year must have their academic records for the year reviewed by their teacher(s) and principal before promotion to the next grade level. An “excused absence” such as a shadowing day at another school, sick day, funerals, etc. still count as a day absent. Any time a student is not in the building, they are absent.


If a student is absent, state regulations require parents/guardians to notify the school office by phone by 9:00 a.m. to report the absence (467-4647). Otherwise, the school office will initiate a call to parents then emergency contacts. Parents can leave a message at any time. In addition to the call, the student is required to bring a note on the day of return. All schoolwork should be made up following the absence. The student receives one day for each day absent to make up work. Request for homework should be made at the time of call in. During a flu outbreak or other such events it may be impossible to honor your request. When a child misses school due to illness or any other reason – they may not attend after school activities.


Vacations taken during school time are discouraged. However, if vacations are taken, parents should give the principal and homeroom teacher written notification of the child’s impending absence. After the vacation the student should set-up an appointment with the teacher to obtain all make-up work. Students with parents are responsible for the mastery of material presented during the absence.


If a student must leave school early, it is necessary for the office to have a signed note from the parents/guardian stating the reason for his/her early dismissal. All students dismissed early must be picked up in the school office by a parent or parent representative. No student is permitted to leave the school grounds during the day without the written permission from his/her parents and approval from the office.


Medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school time if possible. A written note must be presented to the office if the student is to be excused for an appointment during the school day. The person specified in the note must pick up students in the office.


Since tardiness and early dismissal interfere with the child’s progress in school and disrupts classroom teaching, parents are requested to see that their children cultivate the habit of good attendance. Tardy and early dismissals will be treated and documented as the same.

After 7 unexcused tardies, a phone call will be made by the teacher.
After 12 tardies a letter will be sent by the Principal.


  • TARDY EXCUSED - Child arrives at school after 8:05 A.M.
  • TARDY UNEXCUSED – Truant and brought into school late.
  • ABSENCE ½ DAY- Missing any 3 hour segment of the school day.
  • ABSENT - When not present in school for a full day, for any reason, the student is considered absent (funerals, vacations, shadowing, etc.)
  • TARDY (EARLY DISMISSAL) - Student departs school before 2:45 P.M.