Respect All...Soar High...Achieve Greatness!


We are a Roman Catholic School. The life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible are core.

RELIGION PROGRAM - Our religion program includes:
  • Daily religion class.
  • Prayer - both formal and informal.
  • Opportunities for school liturgies and grade level liturgies on a regular basis.
  • Opportunity for Rite of Reconciliation.
  • Advent and Lent observances.
  • Participation in paraliturgical services, such as Stations of the Cross and May Crowning.
  • Encouragement by teachers to do “hands on” good works within the school and community at large. A student service program is in place for grades six, seven and eight. Forty service hours of community services are required each year for 8th grade, thirty hours for 7th grade, and twenty hours for 6th grade.
  • Priests and religious are invited to participate in classes across curriculum areas to enrich student knowledge.
  • Sacramental Preparation - Holy Eucharist (grade two religion classes).
  • Student initiated service program.
  • Student led outreach programs.
  • Weekly recital of the Rosary at lunch recess (grades 3-8) on an optional basis.
  • Server Program- Boys/Girls in Grades 6 and up
  • Retreat Experiences at a number of different grade levels


The diocesan curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards and to Ohio Learning Standards for their appropriate subject areas. This curriculum is infused with the Catholic Teachings of Social Justice. The content of our curriculum is grounded in the belief that all students need to learn important processes, concepts, and content with understanding in order to be college and career ready. They specify the understanding, knowledge and skills that all students should acquire. The standards are divided into two groups: content standards and subject area practice standards.

The Diocesan Curriculum places special emphasis on the standards and identifies the specific understanding, knowledge and skills that should be acquired by all students.

Currently the Diocese has completed Math and English Language Arts revised curriculum. Both of which our teachers have received professional development opportunities. The remaining subject areas will be "rolled out" within the coming year.


Auxiliary services at St. Barnabas may include the following:
  • Gifted and Talented Teacher (grades 4 - 8)
  • Remedial Teacher for Math and Reading (grades K - 3)
  • Intervention Specialist (grades 4-8)
  • School Nurse and Health Aide
  • School Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Auxiliary Clerk