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Computer Learning Center


Mrs. Joan Lavelle
Cleveland State University, B.A. Psychology
Current Studies: Technology

The St. Barnabas technology program is driven:
  • To develop a computer literate student properly prepared for future technologies.
  • To teach the students the power of technology and how it can impact our society.
  • To support our students with learning 21st century skills.
The goals for Kindergarten are for the students to become comfortable using the computer and learning new vocabulary.

The goals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students are to reinforce the use of KidPix tools, and expand the student’s skills in Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel.

The goals for 4th and 5th grade students are to improve keyboarding skills, continue developing skills using Microsoft Word/Excel, and adding other Microsoft Office skills, such as Power Point and GIMP.

The goals for the Junior High Classes are to use the student’s past skills to develop and create multimedia projects. We engage our students by using Edmode, which is designed to get students excited about learning in an online safe environment.

All homerooms, grades K-8, are scheduled for the Computer Lab at least once a week. For the added benefit of our students, the computer lab is open 30 minutes before and after school for our students.