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Birthday Ice Cream Treats

Does your child wish to celebrate their birthday at school? The cafeteria can help. An easy way to celebrate your child’s birthday is to purchase an ice cream/snack treat for their class. It is nut-restricted and convenient for you. Birthday treats are offered September through May.

The cafeteria offers many different frozen choices such as mini ice cream sandwiches, reduced fat ice cream cups, sherbets and ice cream cones made with whole grain. Snacks include baked snack products, whole grain breakfast bars, and fruit snacks. All the options available follow the federal Smart Snack guidelines. The prices range from $.25 for the mini ice cream sandwich to $.50 for all other ice cream novelties and snacks.

Payment and notice of the birthday treat must be sent to the cafeteria at least one day prior to the day requested. You may send payment online using “myschoolaccount”, have the payment deducted from your child’s account, or you can send cash or a check directly to the cafeteria. The cafeteria will take an inventory of what is chosen and send a note home indicating what was selected and your current monetary balance. PLEASE NOTE: any remaining balance will be applied to your child’s lunch account for lunch purchases.

Birthday Treat Package: $15.00

Please send a note to your teacher with payment method indicated. You must include your student’s name, room, and the date you wish to celebrate. Your teacher will approve the date and forward your request to the cafeteria. Please address the envelope: Cafeteria/Birthday Treat

PLEASE NOTE: ALL orders for end of the year birthday treats must be cleared with your teacher and received in the cafeteria no later than Friday, May 13th to ensure adequate quantities are available. *Please be aware that selection may be limited as the year comes to a close.