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Tuitions & Fees

I - Tuition and Fees

After completing the school budget, the St. Barnabas Finance Council has approved the tuition and fees shown in the following tables for the 2017/2018 school year.

Tuition Plans
Tuition and fees may be paid through one of the following plans:

Plan A – Pay the total tuition and fees by 8/21/2017 and qualify for a 3% prompt payment discount. The discount is reflected in the following tables. Families that receive needs-based scholarships are not eligible for the prompt payment discount.

Plan B – Pay half of the total tuition and fees by 8/21/2017, and the remaining half by 1/22/2018.
(A 3% convenience fee will be added for Plan A and Plan B tuition payments made by credit card.)

Plan C (Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union) – Finance the total tuition and fees through the Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union tuition loan program. The total tuition and fees plus interest, rate to be determined by the OCFCU, are paid in 10 equal monthly installments beginning in August 2017 and ending in May 2018. Please see attached flyer for details. All families applying for an OCFCU tuition loan are pre-approved. Applications will not be accepted from any family that has previously defaulted on an OCFCU tuition loan.

Supporting Parishioner Tuition
Number of Students Plan A Plan B Plan C
1 Full Day $4,120 $4,250 See Note Below
2 Full Day 7,610 7,845 See Note Below
3 Full Day 10,170 10,485 See Note Below
4 Full Day 12,710 13,105 See Note Below
5 Full Day 15,270 15,745 See Note Below

Non-Supporting Parishioner Tuition
  Plan A Plan B Plan C
Each Full Day Student $4,775 $4,925 See Note Below

Non-Parishioner Tuition
  Plan A Plan B Plan C
Each Full Day Student $5,365 $5,530 See Note Below


Plan C (Tuition Loan)
Tuition Loan includes Plan B rates, for the appropriate number of students and family designation, plus applicable fees and finance charges from the OCFCU.

Chromebooks – There will be $50.00 per student added to each of the Tuition Plans for every student given a chrome book for the 2017/18 school year.

Fees - The technology, playground, PTU and supply fees are included within the tuition listed in the above tables.

A fifteen dollar ($15) late fee will be added to Plan A and Plan B accounts more than one month in arrears starting one month after the payment due date and continuing every month thereafter. Plan A accounts still carrying an outstanding balance on Sept 25th will forfeit the 3% discount and will be reassigned to Plan B with accrued late fees added to the balance.

II - Financial Aid for Tuition

There are available needs-based scholarships from the Diocese of Cleveland, St. Barnabas and Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union. The OCFCU scholarship should be applied directly at that institution (See attached flyer).

To be considered for the scholarships from the Diocese and St. Barnabas, families should be a supporting parishioner and must complete the SmartAid application, available in January. Those applying for financial aid are encouraged to apply online. If the family wants to file a paper application, that form is available at the Rectory. All SmartAid applications should be filed by March 1st. Where financial hardships exist, including needs that arise during the school year, each Pastor is willing to meet with parents to discuss additional assistance.

III - Tuition Reduction Programs – TRIP and TRIP To Go (Gift Certificates)

Purchasing of gift certificates through the TRIP or TRIP To Go programs can provide a family with direct tuition credits. A family may apply 50% of the earned rebate from the purchase of gift certificates to the tuition bill. (See attached information for additional details)

IV - Non-Supporting Status

Each Parish in accordance with guidelines established by their respective Pastor and Finance Council will determine non-supporting parishioner status. Each summer the support to the Parish from each parishioner family registering students in the day school for the coming year is evaluated for the previous 18 months. In determining supporting or non-supporting status, Mass attendance, as evidenced by use of offertory collection envelopes, is given prime importance. It is the intent of the Finance Council to have any re-classification become effective at the start of the school year. Non-supporting status will be reconsidered if appropriate. Non-supporting parishioners are charged the adjusted per pupil cost of education plus fees for each child.

V - Non-Parishioner Status

Non-parishioners are those who are not registered at St. Barnabas or Our Lady of Guadalupe. As such, they are charged the full per pupil cost of education plus fees for each child.

VI – St. Barnabas School Budget Subcommittee Chair

Kelly Crowe 330-908-0386