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Saint Barnabas Catholic School History

St. Barnabas Church was completed in May 1957. Never before in the history of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese had a newly-founded church been built in less than a year.

Construction begins on parish school

With this tremendous milestone reached, an eight classroom school became the next parish project. The goal was to have the school completed by September 1957, in time for the fall session. Miraculously, that deadline was met. The first students entered St. Barnabas School on September 7. The school was lacking a few items, such as windows and doors. Those would come later. The essential ingredients were there-teachers, students, desks, blackboards and books.

The small school was built with expansion in mind. The one story structure was built with stairwells and a foundation capable of supporting another story. By March 1, 1960, eight more classrooms were added. By 1966, with demand again exceeding capacity, a new wing was built, increasing total capacity to three classrooms per grade.

Both the parish and Northfield communities were growing rapidly. On June 6, 1963, Twinsburg parishioners departed St. Barnabas and formed the new parish of Saints Cosmas & Damian, temporarily slowing the rapid rise in the census. Families moving into the community in the 1960s were predominantly Catholic, however, growing pains continued without interruption. Even with the formation of Saints Cosmas & Damian and the addition to the school, parish resources were still being stretched. In 1967, temporary relief came again when Our Lady of Guadalupe opened its doors in Macedonia, taking in 500 families from St. Barnabas.

A parish grows, a new church is built

Fr. DeCrane retired on October 18, 1976. Fr. Edward Bedell succeeded him as pastor. The number of parish families had climbed to over 2,000 and numerous weekend Masses were celebrated in the church and cafeteria to meet the needs of the growing congregation. The time had come to replace the "temporary" church with a larger worship space. On August 17, 1980, ground was broken for the new church.